Are you among those Indians that are planning to buy a home? If so, you should take your time and check out everything available at the moment. There are so many different homes for sale, and as long as you’re willing to be patient, you will be able to track down the perfect home for you and your family.

Failing to figure out a budget As you start searching for your home, you should also be aware of certain home buying mistakes that people often make. You should be careful enough to not make them for yourself.

One of the most popular types of investment is real estate. This is where you buy and own a property with the objective of profit. Many people flock to invest in real estate because the general trend of property is to increases in value. Your returns are more or less guaranteed over some time. However, real estate has limited initial cash returns when compared to other forms of investments. It also requires intensive capital to begin a high cash flow to maintain. Well, keeping these facts aside let us discuss four home-buying mistakes that people commit:

Failing to figure out a budget:

Your budget is going to determine how much you can afford. You’re going to run into big problems if you start shopping around without one and fall in love with homes that are well outside of your price range. Whether your budget is Rs.1,00,000, Rs.1,000,000, it will allow you to narrow down your search to only the homes you can afford.

Not getting approved for a mortgage:

You might be able to afford to pay the mortgage for a home. But can you afford everything else that comes along with it? You’re going to need to pay property taxes on your home every year. You’ll also need to pay utility bills.

Falling for the first home and not looking for an alternative:

Falling for the first homeAfter you’ve come up with a budget, gotten pre-approved for a mortgage, and taken your additional expenses into account, you can get out there and start looking at homes. When you do, do not fall in love with the first home you see. You should walk through at least a few different homes before deciding which one is best for you. Who knows? The first house might become the best option. There are tons of homes for sale, so do not limit yourself by jumping on the first option.

Not considering location as an important factor:

“Location” is something you’ll hear early and often when it comes to shopping for real estate. And there’s a good reason for that. Location is a very important factor to take into account. If you find a home you love in a location that’s not ideal, you should think twice before buying it. The last thing you want to do is invest in a property in a neighborhood that’s headed in the wrong direction.


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