Famously known as the Garden city of India, Bangalore brings up the vision of lakes, beautiful gardens, and age-old trees. Although the transformation from being one of the most beautiful destinations to being a paradise for job seekers has been a gradual one, Silicon Valley still retains its old charm. From huge shopping malls to the numerous Affordable Cost of Livingpubs and discotheques in every nook and corner, the city gives more than one reason for its visitors to completely fall in love with it. The city is dear to all which is why it was given the colloquial term “Namma Bengaluru”, which means “our Bangalore”. Here are some of the reasons that make “Namma Bengaluru” awesome in every aspect-

Affordable Cost of Living:

Bangalore is one of the most populated metropolitan cities offering sound infrastructural makeovers that makes the city an invincible stature. Bangalore is quite welcoming both for visitors and migrants. The residential provides people with varied budgets and helps people to settle down in apartments that are luxurious yet affordable.

 Pleasant Climate:

The weather in Bangalore is one of the attractive key features. While the mornings are bright and sunny, nights are cooler. So, the weather is pleasant round the clock. Add to it the abundance of best places for couples in Bangalore, and you have a dreamy city. Similar to the climate of America’s Silicon Valley, never will you experience a humid day when in Bangalore.

 A mixture of New and Old:

What’s unique about Bangalore is the perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional lifestyles. Brigade Road, MG Road, and Commercial Street, etc. are places where the younger lot can never get bored. The kaleidoscopic living is in the very nature of Bangalore, and that makes it a perfect hub for both the young and the old.

Strong Economy:

Bangalore witnesses a high migration rate due to the IT hubs. People not just from India but various other countries also prefer Bangalore, because of its flourishing economy that contributes to the Indian fiscal scenario quite largely. Besides the well-established IT and manufacturing industries, Bangalore is also known for its aviation domain. As compared to any other city in India, women feel the safest in Bangalore. You can find women engaged in unconventional activities such as bus conductors or even drivers here. Bangalore is advanced in terms of women empowerment.

Women here, don’t have to worry about eve-teasing, no matter where they are at, a pub, or simply strolling around in the wee hours, this city keeps women safe compared to any other city in the country. There are also many 5-star hotels in Bangalore that take the fab factor to a whole new level. So, pack your bags and get ready to visit the most loved city with your family or friends.


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