Many Indians hope to own a home of their own, but for most of us, the value of our home represents our single biggest financial asset. So, it perhaps makes sense to proceed as wisely as possible and consider as many relevant variables as possible before proceeding forward and making a final decision.

Build a strong credit baseA dream home is but a legacy to be left behind for many of us. It is something you build with so many dreams and expectations. You are sure to be leaving this for the generations to come. So, it is not just a property made of cement and bricks, it’s a legacy you leave behind for your children and grandchildren. It is your love for them.

Unless you belong to a wealthy family or was super successful in your earlier life, it more likely that it takes many-many years for you to land into a dream home. So, what to do along this long journey? Here are four key factors that you need to take into consideration before deciding to buy a home.

Build a strong credit base:

While you are planning to borrow money remember, credit is king. Your credit is measured using your credit score. It is precisely a historical tally of how responsible you have been as a credit consumer. The key is to be consistent about paying your bills. This doesn’t mean letting a bill become overdue while you pay another bill off. Be consistent with your payment cycle. Now that you are building up your credit, you will want to confirm that the report lenders will examine is accurate. After acquiring your free report in the mail, give it a quick scan. All loans, credit cards, and payment should be listed and you need to make sure the information is accurate. If it’s not accurate you will have to file a dispute with a credit rating agency.

Start saving for your dream home:

The best place to start when you have a plan on purchasing such a large asset is by saving your own money, and saving up for a down payment doesn’t mean cramming cash under your mattress. You can apply for a loan or cash gift or you can develop a work strategy that would help you earn some extra income and boost your savings.

Reduce debt:

while you might be focused on increasing your savings, you should also remember to reduce your debt. Lenders will check if you are managing your debt and keeping your credit card balances on the check.


one of the main factors to consider before investing in a property is to decide a location that best suits you. A location that serves all your needs. Medicinal and educational facilities are to be accessible. A good climatic condition with the availability of healthy food.


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