Unless you have won a lottery, or belong to a super-rich family, it is more likely to take many years for you to land into a dream home of yours. So, what should you be doing? There is a sequence which you need to follow to get your dream home right in front of you. You can do your best in making smart decisions as you work your way closer to your goal.

You might be dreaming about a perfect home to live in that is made according to your needs and wants, hoping to have it accomplished one day. Well, dreams don’t become a living truth unless you work for it. Here is a 3-step guide to buying a house in India:

Start saving to make an investment:

Start saving to make an investment The best place to start when you have a plan on purchasing such a large asset is by saving your own money, and saving up for a down payment doesn’t mean cramming cash under your sheets. You can apply for a loan or cash gift or you can develop a work strategy that would help you earn some extra income and boost your savings. The price of the property is an important parameter. Apart from the cost of the property, there are other overhead charges, too. This includes stamp duty, legal fees, brokerage fees, property tax, etc. Make an outline of how you plan to invest in a property. Now, pick the shortlisted properties and begin to evaluate their worth in the context of the selling price of these properties. Once you find a property that fits your budget, begin to look for a bank that offers an attractive rate of interest on a home loan

Build a strong credit base:

While you are planning to borrow money remember, credit is king. Your credit is measured using your credit score. Know your credit scoreIt is a historical tally of how responsible you have been as a credit consumer. The key is to be consistent about paying your bills. This doesn’t mean letting a bill become overdue while you pay another bill off. Be consistent with your payment cycle.

Know your credit score:

Now that you are building up your credit, you will want to confirm the accuracy by examining the report for yourself. After acquiring your free report in the mail, give it a quick scan. All loans, credit cards, and payment should be listed and you need to make sure the information is accurate. If it’s not accurate, do file a dispute with a credit rating agency.


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